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What Makes Beaudet Jewelry Special?

Imagine a jewelry store that feels comfortable selling a 7ct. diamond and on the same day fixing a special plastic necklace for a special little girl. When Charles and Georgiann started their business they brought with them a tradition of respect for customers and customers' jewelry. This respect isn't predicated by the value of the jewelry but the value of the jewelry to our customer.

Everyday we hear stories from our wonderful customers that relate special memories of jewelry connected to special occasions. We have had an older customer in a wheelchair give us a simple gold ring she had received from her parents upon high school graduation in 1935. Her eyes sparkled as she described the dress she wore and the jewelry box her mom and dad gave her to celebrate the occasion. Our job was to simply size it larger so it could be worn again. We were proud to do it.

We had another customer who became a widow. Her husband's wedding band was very special to her and she wanted to have some way to keep it close. We turned it sideways and added a pendant loop to the top. We then took her diamond pendant that her husband had given her and suspended it within the new pendant. It was then able to be worn close to her heart. 

On another occasion we had a very special customer for whom we designed a lovely mother's and grandmother's ring. All of her children and grandchildren were represented by their birthstones. Shortly after she died we made pendant for each of the children and each of the grandchildren. It pleased us and them that we had kept the memories alive through the magic of jewelry.

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