At Beaudet Jewelry we believe that to truly be a member of the community means that we must do our part to make this a better place to live and thrive for everyone. As part of our commitment to the community we have been longtime supporters of the Eugene Symphony Association, with Georgiann having served on the board of directors for many years. We have directed much of our effort and charitable giving to the arts, believing that they are even more critical as schools cut art programs. Programs that help children and the disadvantaged also are very important to us. We annually donate custom-designed jewelry as a major prize for the Eugene Rotary Duck Race, which raises funds used in the battle against child abuse.

2012 Rotarty Duck Race


Donation to help local charietes help prevent child abuse.

Since 1988 we’ve provided the third place prize for The Rotary Duck Race almost every year, and proudly sold tickets at our store location as well. Always a One-of-a-Kind Design by Charles Beaudet Jewelry; one year we had the honor of supplying the first place prize: a two carat diamond “ballerina ring.”

Past Rotary Prizes:











2012 Looking Glass Foundation

To aid the at-risk youth


With the help of donations Looking Glass able to provide emergency shelter for homeless and runaway teens, crisis intervention 24 hours a day, everyday as well as  alternative education opportunities, behavioral health treatment and so much more!

Past Looking Glass Donations:


2012 Ophelia's Place 


To aid the at-risk youth

Ophelia's Place is a non-profit organization committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities to redefine beauty and health through initiatives that increase self-esteem, improve body image and introduce alternatives to dangerous desires for perfection; and to providing outreach, advocacy and educational services to those impacted by eating disorders, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction.

2012 Womens Space


Donations funding
Women’s Space goal is to prevent domestic violence in intimate partner relationships in Lane County and support survivors in claiming personal power.

2011 Eugene Symphony


Donations to foster the arts in Eugene.

More than half of the funds needed for annual operations for Eugene Symphony comes from individual gifts. We donate every year to ensure the Eugene Symphony remains a cornerstone of ur communities performing arts.

Past Eugene Symphony Donations:










2011-'12 Chamber Music Amici


To foster the arts in Eugene.

Our support of local new arts organizations helps make it possible for groups like CMA to reach out and have concerts with subsidized student tickets and special events for young people, to foster a new generation of chamber music lovers.

Past CMA Donations:





2011 Food For Lane County


To alleviate hunger by creating acess to food
A private, nonprofit food bank founded in 1984, which is dedicated to eliminating hunger by creating access to food. Donations are put to work to immediate
ly improve the lives of Lane County citizens.

2010 Wildlife Safari

Conserving and protecting the world's diversity for future generations.


An AZA-accredited non-profit wildlife park dedicated to education, conservation and research, donations help save rare and endangered species from around the world.