Diamonds bring meaning to our lives. They evoke emotion and represent what words alone can't say. They may be a touchstone for a place in time, a memory that has meaning, a vow or a success. They are endowed with value beyond their appraisal.

Because of this, it's important to understand enough about diamonds and their qualities to always feel confident with your purchase. The choice should be yours. This section is intended to give you confidence that any diamond purchase you make carries the meaning and quality you want.

Great value

Frankly, we sell a lot of diamonds. That allows us to offer you the best price possible.  Because of our extensive experience, we can discern quality and obtain outstanding gemstones at spectacular values.  

Through our worldwide network of diamond cutters, we have access to virtually thousands of GIA and AGS Certificate Diamonds in all shapes and sizes. We can have a selection of stones available for you to see in just one day, and you are not obligated to buy one. You’ll often find our pricing comparable to the Internet.  

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