Hearts and Arrow Diamonds

The Heart and Arrow effect is truly a showpiece for the craftsmanship of the cutter. When viewed with a special scope, a stone cut to such strict symmetry will display a circle of hearts through the pavilion, or bottom, and when viewed through the crown, or top, it displays a circle of arrows.

Very few diamonds are cut with such painstaking precision. It pays to remember that the cutters job is not necessarily to create the most beautiful stone but rather to make the most amount of money from that piece of rough diamond. To cut a perfectly proportioned and symmetrical stone the cutter would have to have the skill and experience to do so, spend three to four times longer on a single diamond and almost always start from a rare, perfectly shaped crystal. On top of that there would have to be a current demand by people willing to pay for such beauty, perfection and rarity.

Alone the heart and arrow effect is only half the story as more cutters are willing to cut to symmetry but not willing to buy the proper rough material or waste the material needed to create perfect proportion. Ultimately, a diamond cut to perfect proportion which will return the most amount of light to the viewer and with such strict symmetry that it displays the true Heart and Arrow effect will display the maximum in brilliance and fire.

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