Jewelry Care


Most often the best way to clean is the easiest. For 90% of your jewelry, a bar of simple soap, such as Ivory, and a clean, soft toothbrush (no toothpaste, ever!) will do the job. Most rings and pendants get dull looking from hand lotions and body oils. To clean jewelry, take a wet toothbrush, some soap and work up a lather. Then take your ring or pendant and perform a soft pounding motion on the jewelry. Rinse with warm water and you're set to go! Pearl strands should never be submerged in water because it wicks moisture to the drill hole of the pearl. Clean pearls with a soft dry cloth or have the strand restrung.


Find a safe place, preferably not next to your sink, to store your rings at your home. We suggest that rings, pendants and earrings not be worn to bed.

Everyday Wear

If you're getting set to move your office or your home, it's a good idea to store your rings during the move. Rings and pendants can get smashed, caught, jammed or otherwise damaged when lifting and packing items for moving. Often bed sheets and blankets can catch in the prongs and inadvertently cause damage. Also, be aware. Home washing machines and dryers are notorious for catching prongs on rings.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Do not store pearls, opals or emeralds in safety deposit boxes. They are too arid.