Charles Beaudet

charles_beaudet.jpgCharles Beaudet has designed and created everything from engagement rings to chalices. He even created the Ring Of Rings for a client, taken from Tolkin's book The Hobbit. It displayed elfish lettering that only showed up after heating by a candle flame. Pieces he helped his father with as an apprentice are now on display in the Milwaukee County Art Museum on the Lakefront in Wisconsin.

Charles loves that the designing and manufacturing of jewelry is an art that goes back thousands of years. He also loves the advantages of being on the forefront of technology. Our shop sports a new Laser Welding machine that can weld gold or platinum down to 2/10ths of a millimeter allowing repairs on antique jewelry unheard of just a couple of years ago. We're also proud of our Megascope that measures every facet and angle of a diamond. Fine cut adds beauty and demands appreciation in a diamond just as live music opens the soul to it's beauty and excitement.