Why Beaudet

Why buy your engagement ring from Beaudet Jewelry? The best reason is a very simple one. We choose all our stones and mountings individually as though they were for our own family. To enable us to purchase the finest stones and mountings requires a great deal of knowledge about the stones themselves, and about the metals that support and enhance them.

Our goal is to always provide the absolute best quality for the investment. To do this requires a depth of knowledge beyond the basics and a world-wide network of resources. As an independent store we are beholding to no one but you, our customer. We sell what you want, not what someone else is telling us to sell.

Quality is a lot more than the grade of the stone. We can show you the difference between stones of an equal grade so that you get the best stone. For first time buyers of diamonds or sapphires we strongly recommend buying the stone loose. This way we can demonstrate how the important issues of beauty and durability are not really determinable by merely looking at a laboratory report. We help you with selecting metals and gemstones that fit your lifestyle and taste. Our objective is for you to become a knowledgeable buyer so that you end up completely satisfied with every purchase. This, to us, is the real meaning of value.