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Our History

Generations of Experience

Charles M. Beaudet (Chuck) is a second generation jeweler from Milwaukee Wisconsin. His father, George J. Beaudet, began his sons apprenticeship when Chuck was just 12 years old. It was the old style apprenticeship, based on trial and error, polishing rings and filing a single angle until the surface was curved just so. If a ring or piece of jewelry wasn't done perfectly it was melted and redone until it met his father's exact standards. Under the tutelage of his father, Chuck learned that seemingly impossible design jobs were indeed possible. A technically difficult jewelry repair was to be approached with an understanding of the limits of the metal and the properties of the gemstones.

At 19 years old, his apprenticeship was completed, Chuck had learned more about design and technique than jewelers twice his age. While planning his move to Oregon, he went on to manage a large jewelry trade shop. After several years, Chuck felt he was ready to create the store that would incorporate all that he had learned. It was time for him and his wife Georgiann to make the big move. 

In 1972, armed with a map and the idea that they could move anywhere they wanted to start a store, they headed west. Charles and Georgiann loaded all their pocessions, along with their two dogs, into a large U-Haul and drove from Milwaukee to Eugene. Georgiann had never been west of the Rockies and was sure after numerous, boring, flat miles, that perhaps the move wasn't the best idea. But, as the U-Haul truck passed Bend, then Sisters, and began the slow ascent into the Cascades, her misgivings passed. By the time they descended into the Willamette Valley, both Georgiann and Chuck felt that they'd entered a beautiful, new land. It was a great place to begin their adventure.

After a number of years of doing work for jewelry stores in Eugene, Springfield and the Oregon coast, it was time to make the leap and start their own store. By this time their family was growing with the addition of Matthew in 1975.

In 1976, with a very small nest egg and and one small baby, Beaudet Jewelry Design opened its doors upstairs in Eugene's historic Quakenbush Building. Even with a very small but select inventory people were drawn to the unique designs and knowledge Chuck brought to the area. One of the first big sales they had was to a jogger who stopped in to ask about emeralds. When shown a stunning 1.50ct. gemstone, he pulled $500 out of the tiny pocket in his jogging shorts and made the purchase. That was Eugene, for ya!

After a year, more space was needed to display Charles creations. Beaudet Jewelry Design (soon to become Beaudet Jewelry) took the next big step and moved to the Southtowne Shoppes. The store blossomed, growing from the small, single display case in the Quakenbush building to six beautiful showcases in a whole new location. In the meantime, the Beaudet family kept growing and 1982 saw the birth of the Beaudet's second son, Andrew.

Today, Beaudet Jewelry is a Lane County tradition. Generations of families have made Beaudet Jewelry their trusted source for custom and unique jewelry. We cannot wait to make memories with you!

Meet  the  Team!

We cannot wait to work with you.

Beaudet Jewelry and Gallery is beyond thrilled to work one-on-one to make your dreams a reality. We are a small, but hard working team that strives for excellence both in our customer service and our craftsmanship.

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