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Whether you are updating your estate or getting paperwork for your insurance, Beaudet Jewelry is happy to help! Our appraisal services have helped hundreds of customers understand the value of their piece in the constantly changing market of jewelry. Call Beaudet Jewelry to set up your appointment today! The maximum number of pieces we will take at one time is three. Please try to limit your appraisals to sets of three at a time, you are more than welcome to bring in more pieces once we return your original appraisals.

Have a high quality stone you would like to know the current market price of? The best way to appraise a stone is when it is loose. When the stone is set in jewelry it can make it more difficult to get a clear look what is going on. Getting a stone appraised before making a custom piece is ideal. 

Amber and Diamond in Yellow gold: Hinged Bracelet
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