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Custom Creations

Your perfect piece is just a consultation away!

Whether you are designing the perfect engagement ring or repurposing a family heirloom, Beaudet Jewelry is here to help. With a large variety of stones and years of bench work experience,  we are proud to boast we can create just about anything. Our jewelers will take the time to explain the process and why we recommend certain design decisions for both fashion and function of  your piece. Set up an appointment today and get going on a custom work of art! 

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Your Sapphire Expert


Your Diamond Destination

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Lets get  Started!

Choosing Your Stone

With so many design decisions it can be intimidating to know where to start while customizing a piece of jewelry. It can help by prioritizing the things you know you wont budge on. Maybe a high quality stone is where you would like most of your budget to go, or maybe you have a specific band style at the front of your mind. If we know where to begin and a general budget, Beaudet Jewelry will strive to make your dreams a reality.  


A great place to start when choosing a stone for your jewelry is with the color! Each variety of gemstone come in a large range of colors varying in both hue and tone. If we have a color range in mind we can then begin talking about clarity and cut. 

Price ranges for stones vary widely based on a number of factors. Cut, clarity, and color are often the deciding factors on the value of a gemstone. Availability and color trend can also effect the value of a stone. 

Not all stones are created equal. Stones have a variety of hardness' which can effect the longevity of the stone. At Beaudet Jewelry we strive to educate our customers on their purchasing decisions and how it will effect their jewelry for years to come!

Choosing Your Metal

Yellow Gold Ring


Yellow Gold

We provide the following Yellow Gold Ratios; 10k, 14k, 14k,18k. 20k, 22k, 24k.

One of our most hypoallergenic metals. Yellow gold is a classic and matches well with almost any stone. It will not turn you green and can stand up to plain water use. Usually softer than White gold due to the alloys used to tint the metal. 

When it comes to choosing your metal there can be many reasons to choose one over the other. The cost of gold has risen dramatically over the past decade. Along with the implementation of less common metals into jewelry design, there are several deciding factors that can make decisions difficult. Some people prefer certain tones of metal because they compliment their skin, others want the metal to compliment the stone. 

Allergies also play a factor in which metal you let come in contact with your skin everyday.

White gold is often cut with nickel to give its white base color. The amount of nickel and each individuals sensitivity will determine a persons reaction to white gold. It will not turn you green. 

Rose gold is cut with copper, similar to white gold a persons level of sensitivity and the amount of metal per part will determine a persons reaction to rose gold. It will not turn you green.


White Gold

We provide the following White Gold Ratios; 10k, 14k,18k. 20k, 22k, 24k.

Usually Hypoallergenic, white gold is often cut with nickel to produce the white hue. It will not turn you green and can stand up to plain water exposure. It is stronger than yellow gold and will hold up to dents and scratches better.

Platinum band
White Gold



We provide the following Platinum Services; Plat 90, Plat 95, Plat ONE, Plat Cobalt.

Platinum is the most hypoallergenic of our metal choices. It will not tarnish, just simply dull overtime. It stands up better than any metal to the elements and is much more difficult to become misshaped over time.


Sterling Silver

We provide the following Sterling Silver Services; Sterling Silver 925, Coin Silver 800. 

Palladium Wedding set


Rose Gold

10k, 14k, 18k, 20k.

Usually Hypoallergenic, rose gold is cut with copper to give the gold its pink luster. It will not turn you green and is strong enough for daily wear. It does not require rhodium plating. It is stronger than white and yellow gold and often cheaper. 

Silver Ring



We provide the following Palladium Services; Palladium 95, Palladium/14k, Palladium/18k 

Whiter and lighter than platinum and approx. 12% harder than platinum.

Rose Gold
The wax casting process
Ring fresh from casting in gold

Lets Create Something Special!

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