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Transparency and Care

Stop by our workshop anytime during business hours with your broken piece and an onsite jeweler will take a look! Our repairs people will give you honest and personal attention, regardless of size or value of your piece. At Beaudet Jewelry we understand that jewelry is personal and often carries irreplaceable sentimental value. We will make sure that we do everything we can within our means to make sure your treasure is returned better than ever!


Our repairs are quoted based on time and materials. Some quotes may be updated upon further inspection of the piece, these price changes will be confirmed before proceeding with the repair. Payment for repairs is accepted upon pick-up and required to release your repair.


Most repairs are on a case-by-case basis and require a professional jewelers attention. Our jewelers have the right to refuse work at anytime. 


1 / Stone Setting

We can set your own personal stones into new settings chosen at our shop, or re-set stones from family rings into new creations.

2 / Metal Plating

Feel like changing up a piece of jewelry but don't want to break the bank? Gold and Rhodium plating are great options for changing the tone of your metal to fit your current preference. We also rhodium plate white gold rings after oxidization has occurred tinging them yellow. 

3 / Ring Resizing

We would love to help make your ring a perfect fit, stop into our repair shop anytime and one of our associates will properly size your finger. Most rings can be adjusted in size, but it requires a professional jewelers attention. There are many factors to look at including metal type and stone setting.

4 / Tips & Prongs

 We recommend you get your daily wear rings serviced every 6 months. This just means having a jeweler check to make sure there's enough metal on top of the ring, where its most likely to be brushed against daily. They will also check the prong holding the stone to make sure there are no cracks. Losing a prong can lead to losing a stone in no time. 

5 / Adjustable Rings

It is extremely common for the knuckles to be larger than the base of your finger. It is also very common for your knuckles to never stop growing, regardless of age or ailment. 

We recommend an adjustable shank for your daily wear rings that no longer fit properly. Stop into our workshop and we will size the base of your finger and knuckle and give you an estimate on getting an adjustable shank installed! 

6 / Vintage Repair

Have a ring that's been in the family for generations? Unless its platinum, its probably due for a good servicing. Vintage rings often take extreme care and tact to get up to our standards for a daily wear ring. Please allow ample time and funds for repairing a vintage piece. Many of the parts and stones used today follow industry standards, 100 years ago not so much.  Many of the parts and stones will need to be altered to fit the ring, please allow plenty of time for this. 

7 / Loose Stones

Looking to add the perfect stone to your collection? Let us help you. Whether you are an independent jeweler looking for a certain stone or need to add an investment worthy piece to your collection, let us help. We have access to a variety of dealers and collections that could hold the perfect piece for you!

8 / Re-stringing Pearls/Beads

Ever notice the silk thread of your pearls may start to yellow or stretch depending on how often you wear them? Bring them in and we will have them re-strung. We can also have any beads you own be restrung, prices are dependent on length.  

9 / Engraving

We offer engraving services on most basic metals within a certain size and shape range. Stop into our workshop today and get a quote on your piece today!

10 / Re-shanking

Feel the band of your ring is shrinking in metal by the day,  but increasing in size? That could be a sign its time to get the bottom half/third of your ring rebuilt! It is common for your everyday wear rings to wear down over time, especially your yellow gold jewelry. The higher in gold content the softer the metal. When the band falls below .5mm of metal we HIGHLY encourage you have it rebuilt sooner rather than later. The thinner the band the more likely the ring can become misshapen or cracked.

11 / Cracking Bands

It is very common to see cracking in the seams or joints of your older/everyday wear rings. The solder that holds at the seams can grow brittle with age or chemical exposure. A jeweler will want to check other aspects of the ring to make sure they were not compromised by the cracking.

12 / Chains & Bracelets

Recently had your favorite chain snap or tangle? Bring them in and we can probably fix it. Whether you need them re-soldered together or shortened, we would love to help. Please keep in mind that if a chain has snagged and broken once, there are probably compromised links throughout the whole piece. This may lead to breakage in the near future. 

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