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Transparency and Care

Stop by our workshop anytime during business hours with your broken piece and an onsite jeweler will take a look! Our repairs people will give you honest and personal attention, regardless of size or value of your piece. At Beaudet Jewelry we understand that jewelry is personal and often carries irreplaceable sentimental value. We will make sure that we do everything we can within our means to make sure your treasure is returned better than ever!


Our repairs are quoted based on time and materials. Some quotes may be updated upon further inspection of the piece, these price changes will be confirmed before proceeding with the repair. Payment for repairs is accepted upon pick-up and required to release your repair.


Most repairs are on a case-by-case basis and require a professional jewelers attention. Our jewelers have the right to refuse work at anytime. 

Ring Resizing?

Can you resize this? Can you cut off my ring?

The answer is often yes, however we need to physically see the piece to give the appropriate answer. Not all jewelry is created the same way and some pieces may require different techniques than others.

Cant get the stubborn ring off? Don't worry, we haven't had to cut off any fingers yet.

Come in during our business hours to have one of our on-site jewelers create a small cut, this will spare most of your ring for when we go to resize and repair. When we cut the ring off we ask that you wait two weeks for the finger to reach its normal size so we can appropriately size your finger.

Semi-annual Ring Service.

We recommend you get your daily-use rings serviced every 6 months. The prongs and stone should be checked for damage and fractures to improve longevity of the ring. Stop by anytime during our business hours to have your ring checked for damage and we will clean it for free!

Lost a stone? Looking to upgrade?

At Beaudet Jewelry we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of precious and semi-precious stones for jewelry and investment. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a higher-value stone in a ring you currently own, or lost a stone somewhere along the way we can't wait to help. 

Gemstones come in a large range of quality and price point; with our access to a large range of dealers we can often find the perfect fit, price, and color of stone for your piece.

Just Jewelry?

Do you only repair jewelry?

At Beaudet Jewelry our repair shop has pretty much seen it all. 

From belt buckles, to spoons, to candle-sticks, to cake knives we have fixed it all.

We dabble in watches from time-to-time but usually refer newer ones back to the manufacturer.

We no longer replace watch batteries.

Most repairs are on a case-by-case basis and require a professional jewelers attention. 

Our jewelers have the right to refuse work at anytime. 

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